As your wedding costs add up, sometimes the honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of seems a lot more difficult.  However, there are some great ways to save while creating the experience of a lifetime.  Here are 10 great honeymoon tips from wedding industry experts:

Consider A Honeymoon Registry

Do you already own the household basics?  Elegance and Enchantment suggests having a honeymoon registry, and we love the idea.  One clever way is to create a Honeyfund™ with your honeymoon priced out so your friends and family can cover portions of your trip.  Expect to spend $50 on gelato in Italy?  You’re covered.

Book Your Honeymoon Early

One of the first decisions you’ll make is booking your venue because you need to know your wedding date to plan anything else.  The second thing to do?  Book your honeymoon trip, so you can get the cheapest deal by planning early.  Our Wedding Checklist can help keep you organized throughout the wedding planning process, and we’ve included key honeymoon checkpoints as well.

Avoid Peak Travel Season

Peak travel season gets expensive, so if there’s a place you’ve been dreaming of for your honeymoon, consider going during a slower part of the season.  For example, the Budget Savvy Bride suggests spring or fall, where you’ll still have great weather but avoid the cost and crowds. 

Say “Honeymoon”

The Offbeat Bride suggests letting everyone know you’re planning your honeymoon, because you’ll frequently be able to score freebies and upgrades when you book your trip: “Think massages, free upgrades, and free champagne.”

Consider Layovers

Apple Brides suggests booking flights with layovers, which are lower cost than direct flights.  Plus, if you book your flights ahead of time, you can set up your schedule to include a day exploring the city where you have a layover.  A layover in Paris?  Sounds romantic to me.

Go All Inclusive

Food and drinks can add up, so explore all-inclusive resorts and cruises that will help you manage the overall honeymoon cost.


Another tip from Bustle is to stay close to home at a hotel and play tourist for a few days…all while catching up on that much needed sleep and saving on those expensive plane tickets.

Get A Room with No View

When you spend most of your time on the beach or exploring a city, you won’t miss that view and you’ll save on costs.

Use Public Transportation

A great way to get to know a city (and save some cash!) is to use public transportation.  Each city has a different style that also gives a good cultural experience.  For example, some of the metro stops in St. Petersburg, Russia have references to the city’s history. 

Consider a Honeymoon Loan

For those who would like to boost their honeymoon budget and pay over time, you may want to consider a Honeymoon Loan.  

Happy Planning,