No matter how much you plan to spend on your wedding, your big day can be perfect.  Here are 10 easy ways to spend less when you're working under a tight wedding budget.

Wedding Idea #1: Splurge on What Matters Most to You - Save on What Doesn’t

We all have different preferences.  Choose what matters most to you (a great venue, a beautiful reception, awesome food, perfect photos, etc.) and prioritize these items.  Save money elsewhere.

Wedding Idea #2: "Find Things NOT Labeled 'Wedding'"

We recently completed our Wedding Survey, and this was one of the many great responses that we received.  As you'll likely find as you plan your wedding, things in “wedding” stores and departments are often marked up, so you can often save money by purchasing very similar items that aren’t branded for the specific occasion.

Wedding Idea #3: Recruit Friends and Family to Help Decorate

Is your best friend very crafty?  Does your sister-in-law make beautiful flower arrangements?  See if you can use some of your family and friends’ talent to not only save money on your wedding, but to also create a truly personal experience for your big day.  Consider making this their gift, so that they can save money as well.

Wedding Idea #4: Go Digital

Paper, printing and postage costs can add up, so consider setting up your own website or sending an electronic invitation instead.  If traditional invitations are a must, consider looking at simpler designs, like flat cards, which tend to be 10% cheaper than invitations that fold and open up.

Wedding Idea #5: Ask for Discounts from Wedding Vendors

If you don’t ask, you won’t know, so there’s no harm in asking if you can get a discount or to see if you can negotiate a price.  Frequently, they will agree to a discount.  If you don’t like to negotiate, consider bringing someone to help (my dad loves to negotiate for discounts).

Wedding Idea #6: Simplify Your Wedding Decorations

Think monochromatic.  Choosing one overall hue can create a beautiful wedding at a fraction of the cost, and selecting one type of flower for your arrangements can drive major savings.  You can also consider doing something more unique by skipping flowers entirely and doing a cheaper, yet unique decoration, like suspending votives from branches.

Wedding Idea #7: Go Big to Buy Less, and Save on Wedding Flowers

An easy way to cut back on floral costs is to choose a flower that has large blooms because you get the same impact with fewer stems.  For example, my friend opted for hydrangeas to bring bright color to her wedding reception at a lower cost.  The same goes for other things, like wedding programs.  Rather than having to pay for printed, personal programs, consider doing a large itinerary at the entrance of your ceremony.  The same goes with food – it is more cost efficient to do a buffet or serve three bigger meals rather than five smaller ones.

Wedding Idea #8: DIY

It’s not for everyone, but DIY is a great way to use your crafting skills, personalize your wedding and minimize cost. 

Wedding Idea #9: Have Something Borrowed

It’s easy to spend a large amount of money on a dress you’ll only wear once, so a simple cost saver is renting it at places, such as Rent the Runway or Borrowing Magnolia.  If you want to keep your dress, you can also consider buying a pre-owned dress from a local bridal consignment shop or online from a site, such as Once Wed

Wedding Idea #10: Think Long-Term

Who says your wedding needs to last only one day?  Get more use out of your big day by choosing shoes that you can wear again and again.  Another cost saver is choosing potted flowering plants as your centerpieces and favors that guests can bring home.

As always, before you start planning we suggest setting up and maintaining a Wedding Budget and Wedding Checklist, which can help ensure you stay on-time and within budget.

For more tips and ideas, check out the rest of our blog.

Happy Planning,