Wedding planning can be stressful because it’s the first time that many of us are planning a big event. There are so many things to juggle, from your wedding budget to your vendor list. We wanted to explore how you can simplify booking and paying your vendors, so we connected with our partner, Menagerie, to get some tips. Menagerie created their company to offer a seamless experience where couples can discover, book and manage payments with wedding vendors all in one place, online. So, who better to ask about how we can simplify finding the right wedding partners for your big day? 

What is the greatest challenge engaged couples face while planning their wedding?

The biggest initial challenge couples face with wedding planning is deciding what they want and how or where to get it! The next challenge is making sure what they want falls within their budget.

What would you recommend to people who are considering using a wedding planner?

We’d recommend you consider a few things before hiring a wedding planner:

  • Location: Think about where you’re getting married. Hiring someone who works within that area or has previously planned weddings in that area will increase the chances that he or she is familiar with your venue and the vendors that are available to you. 
  • Style: Review photos of their works from previous weddings. Does this planner have a particular style? If so, is their style consistent with your vision? If the planner has a range of styles in their works, make sure they’re willing to collaborate with you and work within your vision.
  • Services & Budget: Ask yourself what services you would need from a planner and make sure they offer it. Have a general understanding of the expected costs associated with full service planning versus partial planning, and if you do decide to choose a Day-of-coordination service, remember you’re paying less for fewer services and therefore, planning will require more of your time.
  • Availability: Is the wedding planner even available for your wedding? If you’ve already set a wedding date, you need to make sure that the planner will be available on that date. 

Finally, make sure you’re aligned on their process and have a personality match! 

Where can someone find their vendors?

It can be difficult and expensive for vendors to gain visibility and showcase their work. Even the best wedding professionals who have been in the industry for many years struggle to gain consistent visibility without actively advertising. And many content platforms, while great for browsing, do not connect content with the creator.

That’s why we created Menagerie to help provide a seamless process between inspiration and vendor discovery. For example, our Discovery Platform showcases the actual works of the best local vendors and enables you to view the vendors’ services and pricing, and instantly request to schedule a call or book the vendor.

What would you recommend if someone is working within a limited wedding budget?

If you’re working with a limited wedding budget, prioritize what you absolutely must have at your wedding. Photography and music are two services we recommend as must-haves, as pictures will capture the moments of your wedding and last forever, and entertainment can really define or add to the experience. Areas you could potentially save money on to stay within budget include: wedding dress, wedding favors, customized wedding décor details, or cake. 

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