After setting your wedding date and choosing your venue, it’s time to think about the décor and setting for your celebration. On a budget? Here are 5 ways to save on your flowers. 

Ask The Florist For Seasonal Flowers

Many flowers are not readily available during certain times of the year, so choose flowers that are in season and not difficult to acquire. Florists generally need to increase the price for specialty and non-seasonal blooms. 

Low Overhead

Look for businesses that don’t have high overhead, for instance, stores that are in lower cost areas of the city or florists who work out of studios. As an added bonus, you may have more negotiating power with this type of vendor. 

Find An Alternative To Preferred Vendor Lists

Many venues will have their preferred vendor list. The advantage to using a florist on the list is that they already know the lay out of the venue, the ins and outs of the delivery logistics for example. A disadvantage in using a vendor on the list might be the limited negotiation power in terms of pricing and style. If this turns out to be an issue, look for an outside vendor to get a price comparison. Some florists might know the venue as well but they just didn’t make it on the preferred list.

Consider New Florists

Search for aspiring floral designers. Floral schools might be able to connect you with students who are graduating soon and who would like to add a wedding to their portfolio. They are less seasoned but will most likely be less expensive than established designers.

Explore Craigslist

There are some floral designers who list themselves on Craigslist. This could be a less expensive route to find a freelance designer willing to work on a budget (however, it’s always good to get references). Vice versa, you could list your floral needs on Craigslist with your budget and specifics on how many arrangements, attendant bouquets etc. you will need. 

Happy Planning,


Lisa is a guest writer for Promise Financial. Check out her work at Lisa Oberholzer-Gee Floral Designs. She also holds private floral design classes.