Congratulations, you’re engaged!  Now what?  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed once you’ve taken this step. There are so many things to do to prepare for a wedding, so where should you start?  Here are 7 important things you should do once you’re engaged.

1. Share with your loved ones 

First things first, call your relatives and close friends to let them know the exciting news. Then, think about if and how you would like to make the announcement to a broader audience through social media. Throughout this time, be prepared to have to tell your proposal story over and over and understand that there may be some who come off as less supportive than the rest of your friends and family. However, don’t let the negative water down the positive. You’re getting married!

2. Take care of your ring

First, don’t feel guilty if you can’t take your eyes off your beautiful ring – it’s perfectly normal.  Second, make sure to take a few precautions as this is probably the most expensive piece of jewelry you'll own. Make sure to get it sized so it doesn’t accidentally slip off your finger and, if you want complete piece of mind, get ring insurance just in case it does.  Finally, knowing that everyone will want a look at the stunner, consider getting a manicure to help show it off.

3. Determine your wedding budget 

Before you can start wedding planning, you’ll need to know your budget, so make sure to discuss with your family and partner who will be contributing to your wedding and how much.  If you aren’t sure how you should pay, check our our overview on paying by savings, credit cards and financing.  It’s also important to openly discuss with your partner both of your financial situations if you haven’t already, from how much savings you have to your credit score - transparency will help you make better financial decisions.

4. Choose a season for your wedding

An autumn wedding or a summer ceremony on a beach?  Whichever scene you two imagine for your big day will help you decide the season and type of venue so you can begin researching.  One way to cut down on costs is to consider a less popular season, such as the winter, or a different day of the week than Saturday.  That’s becoming increasingly popular and frequently those seasons and days are more affordable – a win-win.

5. Decide on your wedding size

Do you picture having an intimate wedding or a large celebration in a ballroom?  It helps to decide your wedding size early on in the planning process, because it will have a significant impact your wedding budget and venue choice. 

6. Create a wedding website

Even before you send out save-the-dates or invitations, it’s helpful to have a wedding website where people can read about your proposal and get the latest details on your big day, from the date to the registry. 

7. Enjoy being engaged

Sometimes it’s easy to feel pressured to jump right into wedding planning, but it’s also important to take some time to enjoy being engaged!  It’s an exciting moment for you and your partner, so make sure to savor the moment a bit.

Happy Planning,