Everyone gets to the age when it feels like everyone you know is getting married.  It’s an exciting time filled with engagement parties and weddings full of friends, family and great food – and we love being a part of it.  However, over the past few years at some of the amazing weddings of our closest friends and colleagues we often found ourselves asking the question “How much did all of this cost?”

Anyone who has had a friend get married knows that weddings can be expensive – the average U.S. wedding now costs about $30,000. The more interesting question is the one we asked next: “How did they pay for it?”  It was the responses we heard to this question which sparked the realization that led to Promise Financial.  

The answers we heard were diverse – some couples committed a large portion of their savings, some used existing credit cards or took out new ones, some borrowed from parents or friends, and some delayed their wedding in order to create their ideal celebration.  However, what we heard consistently was how difficult the financial aspect of wedding planning is.  Pricing is often unclear, expenses are hard to budget, and flexible payment options are almost non-existent. 

For us, having spent our careers advising and investing in financial services businesses, the difficulty many couples were having with the financial aspect of their wedding demanded a better option.  When so many of the other big purchases we make allow us the flexibility to pay over time, the absence of a flexible payment option for weddings was surprising – and unacceptable.  For many couples, paying for their wedding means some combination of high interest rate credit card debt, borrowing from family or friends, and depleting their savings.  We wanted to create a new kind of financial services firm exclusively focused helping couples pay over time, and we began speaking with engaged couples about the idea.  They loved it, and with that Promise Financial was born.

Today, after over a year of planning, building and testing, that idea has become a reality as we launch Promise Financial.  We’ve assembled a group of techies, finance experts, designers, and statisticians who have come together to build a new type of consumer lending platform – one that is focused exclusively on wedding finance.  We’re using cutting-edge lending technology to create a next-generation marketplace where investors can seamlessly lend to individuals, lowering the cost of credit for engaged couples and simplifying the process of taking out a wedding loan. 

Yet it’s bigger than just that.  Our goal is to improve the way people plan and budget for weddings by offering a range of innovative wedding finance products, tools, and advice.  Over time we will continue to develop and offer products and services that help make the financial aspect of getting married as simple as possible.  At Promise Financial, we believe that good wedding planning starts with good financial planning, and we’re here to help.  

Welcome to Promise Financial.

Brad & Josh