We all know that weddings can be expensive, and many of us have experienced sticker shock as we start to add up all of the costs.  However, there are some easy ways to cut costs and make your wedding more affordable.  Some tips to think about:

Be Flexible on Wedding Timing

The traditional “Saturday evening wedding in June” is no longer the standard.  Certain times of the week (Saturday evenings) and months (June to August) tend to be the most expensive, so Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more and more common for couples looking to maximize their budget.  Being flexible with your date can be a great way to cut costs without impacting quality.

Get Hands On 

DIY is a great way to use your arts and crafts skills to create a wedding that’s truly unique for you.  However, for those who are not handy (like myself!), there are helpful websites and tools that make it easier to create things, such as invitation templates and instructions.  Just a few good examples include Wedding Paper Divas, Invys and A Practical Wedding.

Stay in Season with Wedding Flowers

It gets more expensive when you want things that are out of season, such as flowers.  An easy way to cut back on costs is to select what’s in season, whether it’s calla lilies in November or freesia in March.

Think Outside the Box Regarding Your Wedding Venue

There are unique ways of doing a reception that won’t break the bank.  Opening your options beyond a catering hall or standard venue can help cut down on costs and make your wedding even more memorable.  A reception in that local park with a view?  Breathtaking.

Manage Your Wedding Guest List

The cost of food and liquor – which tends to be one of your biggest expenses – is based on the number of guests you have, so the way to most meaningfully cut costs is typically to cap the number of guests you’ll have.  Needless to say, this is often easier said than done…

Make Food More Casual

There are ways to cut down on food costs that can also make your wedding more personalized to you.  For example, instead of an expensive wedding cake, consider having your favorite cookie or a cupcake tower instead.  Alternatively, consider a buffet rather than a waiter service.

Rent Your Wedding Dress

A wedding dress will probably be the most expensive gown you’ve purchased to wear for only one day.  A more economical approach is renting a dress for as low as $50 for your big day.  Companies like Rent the Runway and Happily Ever Borrowed offer a range of options for your wedding.  You can even consider saving your bridesmaids’ money by having them rent their dresses from a company like Vow to be Chic.

In the end, your wedding is a day to celebrate you two deciding to build a future together, and it’s going to be a beautiful day that you’ll always remember (regardless of whether you choose the most expensive centerpiece!).

Happy Planning,