Let's talk wedding photography.  You already know that you need a few portraits, standard family poses and bridal party snapshots, but what about everything in between?

Here's where we come in.  This is a collection of priceless memories captured from real #Silverfoxy weddings.  We love them so much, we think they ought to be on every couple's must-have-shot-list.

1. The Invitation

Have a spare invitation handy the morning of the wedding, and give it to your photographer to capture along with some bridal accessories.

2. His & Her Outfit Details

So much thought and effort goes into choosing the details.  After all, they are what make your day uniquely you.

3. The Bouquet

A closeup of the bouquet is a must.  We think it looks best when it's being held by you in your gown.

4. Family's First Look

Make an event out of having close family and bridesmaids see you for the first time.

5. Mirror Selfie With A Twist

Bonus points if it's also a bathroom mirror selfie.

6. Ready To Take On The Day

All of your back details from head to toe are captured as you enter the world as a bride.

7. The First Look

If you're having a first look, take your time with it, and ask your photographer to direct you so they capture every emotion.

8. En Route To "I Do"

That smile you'll be wearing as you get out of the car for the ceremony...that's gold.

9. Here Comes The Bride

Whether you did a first look or not, his reaction is always precious.

10. Vow Candids

During vows is one of the best opportunities to capture raw emotion.

11. The Kiss

That moment you've been waiting for!

12. Alone In The Ceremony Space

Time to take it all in.

13. Getting A Little Carried Away

An awesome pose for an even more awesome moment.

14. Grand Ceremony Exit

Bubbles, confetti and rose petals make the best addition to these photos.

15. With Your Ride

After all that time agonizing over which transportation method to take, make sure to get a pose together!

16. Pinky Promise To Forever

A sweet way to seal the deal.

17. Under The Veil

A veil takes a romantic closeup to an even more beautiful level.

18. The Gang

Get one smiling and another with them making "grossed out" faces.  Those are always too funny.

19. A Romantic Lift

You'll look like you're straight out of "The Notebook."

20. Before The Ball

Capture the pristine room decor before the party begins.

21. The Cake

Before you dig in...

22. Table For Two

A chance for romance with a closer look at your table settings and centerpiece.

23. First Dance Dip

The pyrotechnics are just a bonus.

24. Best Man & Maid Of Honor

Because you get by with a little help from your friends.

25. A Goodnight Kiss

Get outside and capture that beautiful night.

26. The Send-Off

The perfect way to end the day and your wedding album.

Happy Planning,

Deanna Romanoff is a guest writer and the spunky personality behind Silverfox Studios on the web and social media.