Increase customer satisfaction and boost your sales with financing through Promise Financial

  • Delight Your Customers

    Allow your customers to pay over time, with low rates and a convenient online process

  • Boost Your Sales

    Drive incremental sales and differentiate yourself by offering financing

  • Increase Your Exposure

    Financing partners receive co-branded webpages and marketing collateral

How Our Financing Partnerships Work

  • 1
    During the sales process you discuss payment options with the customer ("cash, credit card, or financing")
  • 2
    Customer is provided a link to a co-branded landing page (click here for an example)
  • 3
    Customer completes an online application. All aspects of the financing are handled by us.
  • 4
    If the customer is approved and accepts the loan, funds are deposited directly to their bank account.
  • 5
    The customer pays you directly. We handle the repayment process and you take no credit risk.

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Your Customers Are In Good Hands

The process was quick and easy, rates were competitive and customer service has been professional and personal. I feel as though Promise Financial is glad to have me.- Michael

The process was EXTREMELY easy and fast. The loan amounts are generous and the rates are good.- Gerrian

I always know that I can get help at any time if I have any questions or concerns. Such an easy and smooth transaction and having it taken right out of my account each month is another bonus, then I don't ever have to worry about it each month.- Tasmah

Very easy process, low rates!- Joannah

I have truly enjoyed Promise Financial and everything you guys have done. Without you, my dream wedding wouldn't have happened!- Callie

Fast and easy! Customer service is extremely helpful and very pleasant.- Kirsten

Easy, clean, and clear cut process. Application was very easy to understand and simple to complete. Approval process was quick and easy. Money was in my account very fast.- Zachary

You appeared out of nowhere and saved our wedding...- Colleen

Promise Financial was very easy to work with, I really enjoyed my experience.- Sasha

Quick and easy process, I got a great interest rate compared to my other offers. Thank guys!- Kelsey